Vanna Cloud

Seamlessly add your profile to your own website or application

Vanna Cloud allows you to easily add your Vanna profile to your website and customize the look and feel. You can email our technical team at at anytime if you need a hand setting things up.

Just use our and styling and preview tool to match the style of your website. Then it's as simple as copying and pasting our embed code anywhere on your webpage.

We're always enhancing Vanna Cloud, if there's something you'd like to see, please let us know! Here's a full list of parameters you can configure.

companyNameYour company's name, in lowercase without spaces
accessCodeYour unique access code used to permission your website
showProfileTitletrueShow profile title
showProfileSubtitletrueShow profile subtitle
showCompanytrueDisplay the 'About' section of your company profile
showOfficetrueDisplay the 'Office' section of your company profile
primaryColor#00A699Used to style controls, buttons and dividers.
titlesColor#00A699Heading colour within text boxes.
bodyColor#484848Subtitle and Body text colour within text boxes.
profileHeaderColor#484848Profile profile color
profileHeaderSubTitleColor#484848Profile heading subtitle colour.
borderColor#e8e8e8Border color around text boxes.
iconColor#484848Set the color of icons for any text boxes that list stats.
backgroundColortransparentBackground colour of the profile.
assetBackgroundColorwhiteBackground colour for text boxes.
titleFontSize1.4emFont size for headings within text boxes.
subtitleFontSize0.9emFont size for subtitles within text boxes.
bodyFontSize1.16emFont size for body text within text boxes.
profileHeaderTitledefaultOptional header title for your profile, using profileHeaderTitle='' will hide the title.
profileHeaderSubtitledefaultOptional header subtitle for your profile, using profileHeaderSubtitle='' will hide the subtitle.
facebookTxtnullAdds text in your facebook box.
linkedinTxtnullAdds text in your linkedIn box.
jobsUrlA link to your jobs on vanna.comThe URL to your internal jobs page.
showJumboCompanyImagetrueShow the jumbo image on your 'About' office profile.
fullWidthJumbotrueEnabled/Disable full-width on your jumbo company image (if it's enabled)

Once you're ready to go live, please contact your account manager, or with your domain/site address and we'll enable your embedded profile, which will only be accessible from your website.