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Cool Perks that You NEED to Hear About

Data shows that 80% of us prefer improved benefits over a raise. If you are looking for a job, you wouldn't want to miss these 5 companies!

Team Vanna
4 mins read
The 5 Questions an Interviewer is REALLY asking

So, you’ve got an interview next week, your palms are sweating at the thought of it, and you haven’t got a clue where to start.

Godfrey Oyeniran
4 mins read
40% of people don’t relax on holiday – But here’s how

Picture this typical but unfortunate holiday scenario in Hong Kong – replying to emails, dealing with calls from management and even joining the odd skype conference.

James Lewis
4 mins read
4 Ways to Sustain that ‘First Day at Work’ Motivation

Recall our first day of work: trembling yet mostly thrilled, trying our very best to impress and pursue an error free performance. Unfortunately, as soon as the job honeymoon is over, boredom seeps in and mistakes follow.

Cherry Tsang
3 mins read
Reference Letter: Who You Should Ask and How

Imagine this :you are looking for a restaurant for a big reunion. Instead of just making your decision entirely based on what is written on the restaurants’ website. you looked up the restaurant on OpenRice, and listen to other customers who have been there. With others reviews, you could make a more informed decision.

Sophia Wong
6 mins read
10 Useful Tools for Digital Marketing (FREE!)

What are the essentials for a digital marketing specialist? This article profiles 10 useful online tools varying from workflow management, design, social media posting and more. Save your time and work smarter!

Sophia Wong
3 mins read
Why Data Skills Are Important For Digital Marketers

As a marketer, you may not be a data analyst or data scientist but to succeed, you need to develop a strong affinity with data. That’s because successful marketing depends on data as light bulbs depend on electricity. In recent times, data analysis has become an essential part of digital marketing roles and without it you’ll be working in the dark.

Team Vanna
7 mins read
Hong Kong's Top Internships 2020🔍

If you are looking to enrich your resume with an internship this year, check out these opportunities in Hong Kong!

Team Vanna
3 mins read
Learnreel the TikTok for learning

learnreel is a TikTok-style app where you can learn more about the world of digital marketing

2 mins read
How To Gracefully Quit Your New Job

It’s an unfortunate reality, that after your onboarding you find the job just isn’t what you expected... So, what are your options? How do you handle this in the *right* way?

Sophia Wong
3 mins read
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