10 Best Online Courses To Consider Whilst Working From Home (Free & Paid)

Work From Home Online Courses

Ready to gain new skills and accelerate your career with reputable online courses? This article profiles 10 practical in-demand online courses ranging from digital marketing and technology to self-development and more. Start your online learning journey from today!

Digital Marketing

1. SEO Tutorial for Beginners [Free]

Udemy SEO Course

What you’ll learn:

  • Understand What SEO Is & How To Do It
  • Practical SEO Techniques
  • How To Rank Number 1 On Search Engines

2. Growth Hacking with Digital Marketing [Paid]

Udemy Growth Hacking Course

What you’ll learn:

  • Leverage data-driven Growth Hacking skills to improve digital marketing results
  • Track, analyze, and leverage traffic / usage data by Google Analytics
  • Grow social media audiences with bots and organic tricks


3. Introduction To Python Programming [Free]

Udemy Python Course

What you’ll learn:

  • Program Python
  • Know the basics of Python
  • Write their own scripts, and functions

4. Web Design Bootcamp : Design like a PRO [Free]

Udemy Web Design Online Course

What you’ll learn:

  • Create professional designs with Photoshop
  • Build a webpage in HTML and CSS after a PSD model
  • Bid for a job as freelancer in this domain as an entry-level


5. The Complete Business Plan Course (Includes 50 Templates) [Paid]

Udemy Business Online Course

What you’ll learn:

  • Create an incredible business plan from scratch
  • Create a perfect Financials write-up part of the Business Plan, including an easy way to create and understand and forecast all financial statements and a ratio analysis too
  • Create a perfect Start-up Presentation, using 25 supplied presentation templates

6. Business Model Innovation: Differentiate & Grow Your Company [Paid]

Udemy Business Online Course

What you’ll learn:

  • Design Innovative Business Models
  • Understand Purchasing Psychology
  • Differentiate From Competition


7. Microsoft Excel in 30min [Paid]

Excel Productivity Online Course

What you’ll learn:

  • Learn the most important excel formula and functions used in the office
  • Build solid foundation for advance excel learning
  • All Basic Formulas, Pivot table, Chart, Conditional Formatting, Sorting and Filtering

8. Become a SpeedDemon: Productivity Tricks to Have More Time [Paid]

Udemy Productivity Online Course

What you’ll learn:

  • Harness the preeminent theories of productivity and time management to squeeze more time out of the day
  • Use cutting-edge hacks, tips, and tricks to improve computer productivity work
  • Identify time-wasters and zap them before they drain the day away
  • Cut out the bad habits that cost hours in the day for no reason

Personal Development

9. Creating a Career Plan [1-month free trial]

Linkedin Learning Career Online Course

What you’ll learn:

  • Self-marketing
  • Identifying your monetizable passion
  • Knowing how to interview well
  • Managing your search for work

10. Overcoming Overwhelm [1-month free trial]

Linkedin Learning Career Online Course

What you’ll learn:

  • Know your priorities to prevent becoming overwhelmed
  • Take five minutes for peak productivity
  • Strive for harmony, not balance


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Sophia Wong

Brand and Marketing Strategist in Hong Kong, writes about career, job hunting and interview tips.

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