10 Marketing Jobs You can Apply to Today! (Dec 01 - Dec 15)


What is Marketing? Hong Kong Marketing book author describes it as “a relationship with the future”. Indeed, marketing is about understanding current trends and movements in the market, and your target consumer groups. By analysing consumers’ behaviour, the marketing team develops promotion plan, which would, in turn, affect the company’s business plan in the long run.

Marketing is a diverse field with many faces, such as growth hacking, email marketing, social media marketing etc.. Once you have identified your interest, you will surely find your place there. Ready to get started? Whether you are new to the industry, or an experienced candidate, here are 10 marketing positions for you.

1. Sales and Marketing Assistant

Are you just starting out on your career? If so, this may be a good opportunity for you to dabble into different functions of sales and marketing, including but not limited to social media, customer relationship, advertisements etc..

Job duties:

  • Managing social media and online promotion

  • Designing and preparing advertising material

  • Developing good customer relationship and service

Current opportunuity:

Sales and Marketing Assistant at Prizm

2. Marketing and Community Content Executive

Are you a writer at heart? Are you a great story-teller who bends word to your will? If you are, then this may be the position for you!

Job duties:

  • Creating engaging digital content that resonates with target audiences

  • Write blog pieces, commentary, case studies, social media posts and video scripts to share on digital platforms

  • Write press releases and pitch stories to promote the brand

  • Monitoring, analysis and reporting results of content marketing initiatives

Current opportunity:

Marketing and Community Content Executive at Nest

3. Marketing Officer

Like to be in charge of an event from the beginning to the end? Like to engage with customers on social media? You may be looking for an all-rounded marketing position.

Job duties:

  • Handling event management, from planning to execution

  • Content creation which include Webinars and customer references

  • Execute digital marketing strategies, managing social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.)

Current opportunity:

Marketing Officer APAC at odoo

4. Growth Hacker - Email, Marketing funnels, and Content

Sean Ellis, the first marketer at Dropbox, coined the term “growth hacking”, an umbrella term for strategies focused solely on growth. So what makes a good growth-hacker? Someone who is creative, naturally-curious and analytical. Growth hackers are there to help start-ups and small businesses to promote their products and services with minimum costs.

Job duties:

  • Experiment and optimise the content funnels to drive conversion and sales

  • Maximising content’s exposure to drive targeted traffic via different channels e.g. SEO, social media, paid ad, email lists...

  • Creating lead magnets to build email lists e.g. White Paper, eBook, Case Studies, Webinar…

  • Set up, manage and optimize email sequences for conversion rate e.g. on-boarding and nurturing

  • Developing and executing SEO strategy to rank websites for important keywords

Current opportunity:

Rockstar B2B Growth Hacker - Email, Marketing funnels, and Content at Riotly Social Media

5. Growth Hacker - Paid Social & Search Ad

There are different types of growth hackers, if you get excited by the increase in numbers and love analysing data on performance marketing channels, this might be your next move!

Job duties:

  • Setting up, managing and optimising all our performance marketing channels: Facebook, Instagram, AdWords

  • Continually increasing Trial Sign Up Conversion Rates by optimizing Ads and Landing Pages

Current opportunity:

Rockstar B2B Growth Hacker - Paid Social & Search Ad at Riotly Social Media

6. Brand Marketing Officer

Did you know that the colour your brand use affect how your target consumer perceive it? This will be one of the many things you consider as a Brand Marketing Officer, who uses techniques to maintain or improve how a brand is perceived. In another word, you are the personal stylist of the brand.

Job duties:

  • Collaborating with brand principals on consolidation of brand information and marketing materials

  • Supporting business units on development of marketing toolkit for online & offline marketing

  • Communicate with stakeholders to prepare marketing calendar and support overall brand marketing strategies

  • Preparing analysis on sales plan, order forecast and inventory status, etc.

Current opportunuity:

Brand Marketing Officer (Exclusive Brands) at A.S. Watson Group

7. Content Marketing Executive

If you are a strong, well-rounded writer who likes to establish meaningful connections with people through words, then this may be a great fit! This position allows you to regularly develop compelling content, with the purpose to acquire and retain target customers and drivers, and to help drive organic and paid customer and driver growth.

Job duties:

  • Writing and producing compelling content that captivates users & drivers

  • Flexibility to handle different types of content - social media, blog, eDM, copywriting, press release, case studies, white papers, translation, website and video script

  • Differentiate between types of customers, then create content to attract, convert, and engage targets ...And more!!

Current opportunuity:

Content Marketing Executive at Lalamove

8. Digital Marketing Specialist

Digital marketing is the latest IT girl in town. By analysing usage and customer behaviour metrics, digital marketers drive improvements in marketing initiatives. They are also social-media-savvy and like playing with editing software like Photoshop and illustrator.

Job duties:

  • Assisting in the development of digital marketing strategy in a measurable plan and budget

  • Tracking and monitoring KPI performances, evaluate user behaviors and adjust digital marketing plan accordingly

  • Formulating and implementing digital/print/media marketing and CRM strategies for various business units to drive customer acquisition, lead generation and customer engagement

Current opportunity:

Digital Marketing Specialist at A.S. Watson Group

9. Group CRM Analyst

CRM stands for Customer relationship management, it is a technology for managing all your company’s relationships and interactions with customers (potential or existing).

Job duties:

  • Working collaboratively with CRM teams across business units to plan, develop and implement CRM programs

  • Performing a wide range of customer-centric analyses, including pre/post campaign evaluation, to formulate appropriate CRM tactics and assess program performance

  • Develop dashboards to evaluate program effectiveness on acquisition, retention and profitability

Current opportunity:

Group CRM Analyst at A.S. Watson Group

10. Marketing Project Manager

This is for you more experienced folks out there. A marketing project manager should be organized and driven, and someone who is able to multi-task and delegate when necessary.

Job duties:

  • Delivering multiple projects across functions (SEO, writing, coding/markup, designers) at a high velocity while maintaining excellent quality

  • Helping with the coordination our conversion rate optimization (CRO) efforts.

  • Reviewing many of the tickets (briefs) written by the marketing team before passing to developers and designers

Current opportunity:

Marketing Project Manager at Chengbao


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