Spotted in Hong Kong: 5 Coolest Offices in 2019


You have probably heard about a cool, trendy office; maybe you've heard about Google's famous slide in Silicon Valley, or your friend works at a co-working space and they have unlimited beer on tap. What sounds appealing to you? Perhaps the nap area? Or free drinks? Or simply, just an open-plan layout to steer away from the soul-sucking grey cubicles?

Whenever we come across such cool office perks, many of us just sigh and think “well, that is not happening in Hong Kong anytime soon..." Well, think again! Because today, we are looking at the 5 coolest office spaces right here in Hong Kong!

Sourcibo: Voice assistant controlled office

Imagine being the last one leaving the office; you’re tired and you just want to go home. However, being the responsible and environmental-conscious person you are, you have to walk across the office to turn off the AC and lights. Well, if you work at Sourcibo, you don't need to do that! With their voice assistant controlled office, employees can ask the office to turn everything off with one single command. Welcome to the 21st Century!

If an office that literally listens to you is not cool enough, then wait until you’ve seen their office design and facilities. The contemporary, open-plan office comes with a pantry stocked with fresh fruits (because we all need to get our daily serving of fruits), snacks, and drinks. There are plenty of sofas for those who want to take a nap, and video games for you to bond with your colleagues (unless it's Mario Kart - that can make or break a relationship)!



▲Have you ever talked to your office?

Sourcibo is a B2B eCommerce platform that allows users around the world to connect with each other for business trading and sourcing.

>>Sourcibo Company Profile

>>Jobs at Sourcibo

A.S. Watson Group: Wellness first

For many of us, the start of working life was also the start of our weight gain process (sometimes you're snacking at your desk without even realising - don't worry, we get it). Sitting at the office for over 8 hours a day has definitely taken a toll on our health and fitness game.

The A.S. Watson Group values employee’s well-being and promotes a dynamic working environment. This is why employees can workout at their in-house office gym, or join one of the many gym classes on offer to stay fit! No more rushing to the gym during lunch or sacrificing dinner reunions with your friends because you have boxing after work!

The company also recognises that wellness is more than just physical exercise. This is why there is also a staff clinic in case you are hit by a sudden headache, or ate something bad during lunch. On top of this, the company understands it is never easy to balance work and parenting. To make it easier for new moms, lactation rooms are set up right in the office.



▲The gym is just a few minutes walk away from your office desk, so no excuse not to workout anymore!

With over 14,500 stores and 4 billion happy customers across 24 markets in Asia and Europe, A.S. Watson is the world’s largest health & beauty retailer.

>>A.S. Watson Group Company Profile

>>Jobs at A.S. Watson Group

idNerd Studio: Work hard, play hard

idNerd Studio understands that you can’t just work 10 hours straight at full productivity or efficiency. They also believe that a healthy work-play balance fosters creativity and their office design resonates this philosophy.

They have an open bar and a sofa area for employees to chill and chit-chat when they need to. They also have games such as table football and video games to help employees relax and take their mind off work. This helps them recover their creative juices, in order to get back into animating for clients (or just to satisfy their competitive sides by challenging each other in matches!)



▲Want to take a break and game at work? Sure!

>>idNerd Studio Company Profile

>>Jobs at idNerd Studio

JEB:Wait, is this a cafe?

JEB's office in Quarry Bay serves as both an office and a showroom, and is spread across three floors. Not only is the office incredibly spacious, but it is also beautifully designed (we expect nothing less from an architecture and planning company!). There are relaxation spaces for you to chill, breakout areas for brainstorming sessions, and a balcony for you to relax and get some vitamin D before heading back to work.

If you are a coffee person, prepare for a love at first taste with their coffee! JEB prides themselves in the quality of their coffee that they dish out every morning. Employees start their day with a nice cup of coffee and casual chats with their colleagues. The aroma of coffee beans and waves of laughter will surely wake you up, and even get rid of those Monday blues!



▲Chat with your colleagues with a nice cup of coffee before a busy day!

>>JEB Company Profile

>>Jobs at JEB

Lalamove: Time to chill!

You know you’ve stepped into a young company the second you enter Lalamove’s office. With an open plan layout, beanbags, and bright colours, Lalamove’s office screams “young and energetic” (dare we say millennial?).

The office is not only fun to look at, but also practical. Large whiteboards are at your service if you are in the middle of a brainstorming session. If your eyes are strained from staring at the computer screen, take a break at the bar table, which is set up right next to the floor-to-ceiling window. Sleep-deprived or just needed to stretch? Lalamove has also got you covered with bean bags and lounge areas.



▲You can look at the view outside to rest your eyes

Lalamove is an on-demand logistics company that matches users and drivers to provide same day delivery and courier services across Hong Kong, China and Southeast Asia.

>>Lalamove Company Profile

>>Jobs at Lalamove


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