5 Good Reasons to Quit your Job

Flying Away

While it might not be an easy decision to walk away from a job, letting months go by where you sit around analyzing, over-thinking and waiting for things to change is not a solution. Work occupies so much time in our lives we all deserve to gain some enjoyment from it. It’s tricky to weigh up emotional or psychological well-being in the face of your next pay cheque but quite possibly a dilemma many of us will face at some point in our careers.

1 - Ratio good to bad days

Everyone is different in his or her acceptance and willingness to endure the stress or angst or misery that comes with a bad day at work. We all have them. And they don’t always result in a letter of resignation. Knowing your limits and what’s deemed an acceptable ratio of good to bad days goes a long way to helping assess when it is in fact time to jump ship. Putting your happiness on hold indefinitely should never be an option.

2 – Onward and upward (Career Progression)

In a fast paced world we all want things to keep moving. Unfortunately career progression still requires putting in the hard yards and a fair bit of patience. If however your employer can’t map out development prospects for your role or if you cannot see progression for yourself longer term, you need to make changes to ensure you’re propelled in the direction you want to go. No one can navigate your career better than you can. Know your opportunities and when best to take them.

3 – Stagnant

If you once knew challenge, passion, interest and learning in your role it’s very hard to accept when they are no longer there. Your drive or motivation for a role might change but having a reason to show up every day and to do good work is really important for self-gratification. Have you been in your role for too long? Are you bored? Life is too short for boredom. It might be time to take on new challenges.

4 – Lost confidence in management

Dismal management tiered above you does very little on the inspiration front. Struggling beneath an oppressive, restrictive or poorly managed structure can be extremely frustrating. We aren’t all going to luck out with inspiring leaders surrounding us and cheering us on at every point in our careers but being part of an institution that’s filled with ambivalent or abject heads can be truly carcinogenic for the soul. If you long to be more than a cog in a machine but feel oppressed by the system in place it might be time to start setting your own wheels in motion.

5 - Opportunity

By far the best reason to quit your job is opportunity. These come in different shapes and sizes and might not always have the shiny appeal we’ve come to expect with something new. Opportunity to go and study something you’ve always had a quirky passion about. Opportunity to go and care for a loved one when they are unwell. Opportunity to turn life upside down and just be off the beaten track for a little while. Or a long while. Opportunity is ostensibly just a choice really. One that’s meant to be relatively easy to make when presented. But what if we present ourselves with a myriad of choices everyday and label them as opportunities? What would you choose?

Naomi Chan

Career Coach and professional career hacker at Team Vanna

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