5 Reasons to Interview, Even If You Don’t Want the Job


The research, the application, the interview; it all seems like a lot of effort, especially if you aren’t sure you want the job! The pressure of an interview alone would make many of us opt for the stay in bed alternative. There are however plenty of positives to take away from every interview experience, so take the opportunity to suit up without the stress.

1. Experience

No one loves to be put on the spot but like most things, practise certainly helps. Make the most of the opportunity to fine-tune your interview skills. Take mental notes of your body language and what you can do to remain calm and confident. Do your answers satisfy the interviewer’s questions? Gauge their response and openly ask if you’ve supplied adequate information. Being outside your comfort zone even for a short while can be daunting but in this instance wholly beneficial.

2. Confidence

Gaining experience in the interview process will only make you more self-assured. Being capable of ‘selling yourself’ whilst providing open, honest information is key when interviewing. Having more familiarity with interview scenarios will up your confidence to be the best version of yourself under the spotlight.

3. Insight

There’s more to a company than its website. Gaining inside intel into what they do and how they do it only makes you more industry savvy. Be the one to ask the questions and learn about the company’s objectives. While it may not be the place for you right now, who knows where your career path may take you.

4. Networking

Even the biggest industries feel small when you’re on the inside and knowing who’s who never hurts. Putting your name out there is equally as important, so take the opportunity to leave behind a friendly and professional impression alongside your profile.

5. Possibilities

There are many moving cogs inside each company. You might be interviewing for one role but be perfectly suited for another. Give the company the opportunity to get to know you and your skill set because there might be more on offer behind the scenes.

So bottom line, show up for the interview. Who knows, you might learn something you like about the company. You might make a great connection. You might even get offered a job that’s not 100% right for you, but is one step closer to your dream job. At the very least you’ll know a bit more about what you want, what you value, and where you see yourself heading.


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