6 Transferable Skills that Employers Look For


We all went to university to specialise in a certain field so we could follow a chosen path and find our respective successes. While qualifications certainly are a foot in the door, it’s the transferable skills picked up along the way that might just set us apart from another candidate.

These skills should be listed on a resume and expanded upon in an interview. Some of these skills are simple qualities that are intrinsic to our nature, while others may have been developed over time through different experiences. Either way, these skills add enormous value to our offering, so make them known. Some of the most sought after transferable skills that employers will be keeping an eye out for include:

1. Teamwork

Be it volleyball or debate club, there is definite appeal to those who value a team mentality. It indicates a willingness to fit in, work together and, most importantly, thrive on mutual gains and achievements.

2. Time management

Areas of administration may not seem overly enticing to some but strong time management and personal organisation demonstrates favourable work ethics and commitment. Sound administration provides the building blocks for a smooth and effectual working environment and something on which you should pride yourself.

3. Analytical research

Having a healthy curiosity and following your instincts in areas of research are precious qualities. Being able to surmise relevant details into analytical solutions even better! Draw from previous experiences researching for studies or presentations and highlight these attributes to potential employers.

4. Leadership

Leadership comes in many shapes and forms. It is, however, of great comfort to future employers to know that someone else on this planet thought you trustworthy enough to give you a role taking charge. Whether you were project lead on a group assignment or captain of the basketball club, the qualities that leaders enlist are invaluable to employers.

5. Written & verbal communication

If you pride yourself on good grammar and are articulate in your communication, employers will be confident that they can put you in front of their clients and shareholders. Being able to communicate effectively is a tool unparalleled. And certainly one that should be used!

6. Tech savvy

If you have a knack for software and make a habit of picking up a variety of programmes, your net value just went through the roof. Every company has their own CMS with reliant programmes that feed into the greater functionality of workflow. Bringing insight on various programmatic solutions will only strengthen the companies capabilities and broaden their knowledge in the area.

We can’t all be good at everything but knowing your strengths and how to communicate them at the right time is key in setting yourself apart.

Naomi Chan

Career Coach and professional career hacker at Team Vanna

2 min read

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