7 TED Talks For Job Seekers

Job-hunting is not for the faint hearted. The laborious, often time-consuming process of simply surviving career limbo can be an emotional journey. Whether you’re sitting between varied states of unemployment, trying to escape a job you hate or looking for a new career entirely, there is a world of gainful perspective to be found at TED.com


1) Resilience

There’s no easy way into a new job. It takes perseverance to keep going after what you want, especially in the face of being rejected once or twice. Worse yet the sting of rejection can instill a fear that holds us back from pursing our goals. Jia Jiang puts an interesting spin on the notion of rejection in his talk, What I Learned from 100 Days of Rejection.

2) Having Good Conversations

While an interview is an opportunity for you to showcase all you have to offer, it is similarly a networking prospect. The art of good networking wholly relies on having good conversation. It’s one thing to rattle off your resume in accurate detail but quite another to engage in a relatable back and forth in order to establish a valid connection. Celeste Headlee draws from her years of interviewing to fine-tune the art of good conversation in her talk, 10 Ways to Have a Better Conversation.

3) Feeling Vulnerable

Another often awkward emotion that comes into play when job seeking is the overwhelming sense of vulnerability. It is one of those things that places many of us well and truly out of our comfort zone but when seeking employment you are at the call of another’s yes or no. And despite even the most promising of prospects it is a vulnerable position to find oneself. In attempt to humanize the stigma of feeling vulnerable watch Brené Brown’s talk, The Power of Vulnerability.

4) Knowing Passion

True passion is not quite as clear-cut for everyone but the story of Laolu Senbanjo is one of great marvel. There are many factors that can overshadow and influence a persons’ true passion in life but for some, breaking free and following the heart really does pay off. For a little inspiration watch the lawyer turned painter talk about The Sacred Art of the Ori.

5) Not Where to Search but What to Search

Your education may well dictate the career path society expects you to be on but what about your interests? Perhaps looking for the less conventional job roles that pique your interest might uncover new opportunities. It’s thought that today’s generations won’t just have multiple jobs in their lifetime but multiple careers. The confines of degree qualifications can’t hinder the evolution of interests. Emilie Wapnick explores the notion of letting our interests guide our career path in her encouraging talk, Why Some of Us Don’t Have One True Calling.

6) Take it from the Experts

In the same way there are claims that “you are what you eat” it is also thought that, “you are the company you keep.” Perhaps better put by Jim Rohn who stated that, “You are the average of the five people you spend most of your time with.” So perhaps it’s time to take register of your network. Who is inspiring you? Engage and connect with those who you find interesting or motivational or important and let their positive influence and advice impress upon you. Scott Dinsmore has wonderful insights on How to Find Work You Love.

7) The Basics

There is no key to instant success. And while the principle steps might seem glaringly obvious to many of us, putting them into practice when it matters most doesn’t come easy. In order to see through the fog and clutter of a complex career its important to draw back to the basics and try to pinpoint our own areas of weakness. Richard St John gives a great summary to achieving success in his punchy and efficient talk, 8 Secrets of Success.

Seven videos have likely supplied adequate distraction from your job hunt. Might be time to stop procrastinating and get back to it!


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