How to Know If You Belong to a First-Rate and Responsible Company?

Signs of good boss

First of all, a responsible company who values their employees is very important because it is essential for someone’s well-being. Naturally, you want to be a part of a famous and understanding company.

Secondly, having a capable boss would motivate you to work harder. But what if you feel that your boss lacks the necessary skills to do his job? If you have that feeling, you are not alone. In the UK, 40% of workers think their boss is not doing their job, and one-third of them believe they are more skill full than their bosses.

Geoffrey Dennis, Chief Executive of SPANA said that "Having a boss you struggle to get on with can certainly be a source of irritation and stress, and it’s clear that many people have had bad experiences at some point in their careers".

Check out these five signs or proofs of a first-rate company and find out if you already belong to a responsible company.

1. A responsible company consistently gives timely feedback

Receiving timely and constructive feedback is usually not being done by most companies but it’s what drives your personal development. If you are the boss or there are people under you do not hesitate to give or receive negative or positive feedback.

If you are afraid of offending your peers or worrying about receiving any negative feedback from your supervisor, just go on. Giving constructive feedback improves your performance, or would even boost the morale of your teammates.

If your company encourages giving feedback, you can be assured that you are in great hands. One example of a responsible company is foodpanda. Each week, the staffs meet with the manager to discuss projects, progress, and performance, and even difficulties. So for foodpanda staff, it is not about looking if someone has done wrong but encouraging growth through feedback.

2. A responsible company shows appreciation

According to reliable research close to 80% of staff quit their job because they do not feel appreciated. It is true that appreciation and recognition from managers motivate you to keep up with your job and will take you to even push harder. You also would love to receive a simple token and reward for your efforts.

HKBN , a broadband network is certainly a leader when it comes to appreciating and recognizing the staff's contribution to the company. Through a Co-Ownership scheme, the company rewards employees for their work by making them "co-owners" of the business. In other words, the more you contribute to the company, the more opportunity for you to earn.

3. A responsible company provides training

One proof that your company cares for you is when they provide you training especially with the latest technology and skills that you need for advancement.

Of course, you do not want to be replaced by Als and robots. Having the necessary subsidized training will also give you an opportunity for promotion. This will also show that the company truly cares about your personal development and not just someone who brings profit to the company.

Two companies JOS and Innovix promote life-long learning for their employees by providing a Game Learning app with animated video learning materials, video games, and useful information from partners.

4. A responsible company values your health and well-being

Indeed, sitting all day long at the office can cause you to put on excessive and unwanted weights and you hardly find time for workouts. If you are feeling a bit tired but want to stay focus you resort to heavy snacks. But there are lots of companies that wanted you to stay fit for you to be productive.

One good example is Towngas who regularly invite nutritionists to give health tips to employees. Other companies like Asia Miles, Cathay Pacific, and AS Watson have a gym, swimming pool, a staff clinic, and even an on-site medical center at their office so staff can do exercise and check-ups during lunch break or after work. To address the limited land resources in Hong Kong, Deliveroo provides gym subsidies for employees.

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5. A responsible company offers bonuses and benefits.

Great bonuses mean that the company understand your need, and want to make your life with them as comfortable as possible. Eighty percent of employees indeed prefer a regular bonus than pay raise and this is something that you think paying more won't do.

For instance, idNerd Studio features computer games and table football, as well as free snacks and drinks because the team members are all gaming-fanatics. Team members can challenge each other with a game or two, or relax and bond over a drink.

On top of that, Cathay Pacific and Asia Miles are well-aware of their staff's passion for traveling. So they satisfy their itchy feet by providing travel benefits for employees and their family members. These thoughtful arrangements for bonuses and benefits are evidence that your company understand your need, and try their best to meet them.


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