Looking for a Complete Career Change? Here are 10 of the World's Weirdest Jobs


If you're looking for a drastic career change, something a million miles away from the office norm, you just might be sitting on the right set of skills for one of these less than conventional jobs… or you might well prefer that desk job!

1. Do you have a good sense of taste?


Now there are two ends to this tasty spectrum: the utterly delicious and delectable, and then dog food. Food companies often employ quality control tasters to ensure product consistency batch to batch. Can you imagine a role like this for Ben & Jerry's? Or Cadbury's? Sign me up, please!

Less appealing but apparently equally as important are pet food tasters. Who in their right mind signs up for this position? I can't say. But as an avid pet lover, I'm grateful someone is looking out for my pooch's nibbles.

2. Are you pushy?


In Japan, people are hired to shove passengers onto busy commuter trains. With little or no regard for cabin capacity (or health and safety at large), these patrollers quite literally push platform dwelling passengers onto densely packed trains.

3. Do you have a good sense of smell?


Put your nose onto, into or under things that smell and become an odor judge. Perhaps not the most glamorous on this list but certainly one to consider if you can stomach the odd nasty stench. If there's money in it, what's a bit of bad breath? An armpit or two? The sneaker off a sweaty foot?

4. Do you have lots of patience?


Why not be a professional queuer? No one likes a queue (unless you're being paid to stand in it). Alternatively, if standing around is your thing, you can always look into a gig as a live mannequin. Put on a few hip rags and perch in the window of a storefront.

5. Are you brave?


There's only one way to get anti-venoms to treat snake bites and that's by "milking" the poison from a snake. The venom is extracted by manually massaging the venom glands inside the snake's mouth - only for the very brave!

6. Are you a diver?


Perhaps consider diving for golf balls at your local golf club. Or head over to Amsterdam and dive for discarded or misplaced bicycles in the city's canals. There's also a position going for an underwater pizza delivery diver at an underwater hotel in Florida. Delivery with a difference!

7. Do you like to play?


There are a myriad of cool products that require intensive testing and trialing prior to hitting the mainstream market. A favourable division might be sports equipment - from racquets to golf clubs, companies hire dedicated teams for this essential stage prior to launching new prototypes and products. Sports not your thing? Waterslides, roller coasters, mattresses… these all have similar quality control measures that need to be met.

8. Can you cry at will?


It's hard to believe but in some Asian countries you can hire yourself out as a professional mourner and contribute loud cries at a local funeral. Alternatively, bring some festive cheer to someone's big day and hire yourself out as a professional bridesmaid or groomsmen.

9. Do you like to gamble?


It's a gamble but one that's paying off for a number of full-time competition enterers. Play the odds and enter local and international competitions online as many times as possible in the allotted timeframe and maybe you'll make the semblance of a living. Plus, may you'll win a few random appliances along the way.

10. Are you a bit crazy?


In order to better understand the behaviour of bugs some people choose to live in remote rainforest areas densely populated with mosquitos. Here they subject themselves to hundreds of bites and stings every day, not to mention the odd bout of debilitating malaria every now and then. I'm not sure how much you'd need to hate your current job in order to willing switch places with one of these guys.

Sueanne Parker

Writer, Production specialist, Creative enthusiast.

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