Digital Portfolio: A Vital Tool to Grow Your Digital Marketing Career

Digital Portfolio

Digital portfolios are typically used by designers to showcase their skills in a visual way. Portfolios, though, can be useful to a wide range of careers – and top amongst these is digital marketers.

A well-constructed portfolio is essential for communicating your skills, style, and, most importantly, visually demonstrate your achievements. With the rise of freelancing opportunities and a competitive job market, a digital profile is vital to stand out to recruiters or build trust with future clients. Your resume and LinkedIn profile lists what you have done and, being honest, is easy to stuff with bigged-up experience. A portfolio, on the other hand, provides compelling proof to prospects on your skills. No matter who your portfolio is targeted at, having a visual representation is key as the human brain can process images up to 60,000 times faster than words – allowing you to communicate far more information, far more efficiently.

Demonstrate Your Skills And Experience

The main aim of a portfolio is to show potential clients or employers what you can do. To win them over, your portfolio needs to demonstrate the skills and experience you have gained while working for previous clients and projects.

What can be included in a digital marketing portfolio:

  • Contact details

  • Table of contents

  • Samples of your best work

  • Testimonials

  • Awards and recognitions

For example, if you are really good at designing landing pages that convert, you can post a previous successful landing page that you worked on and briefly explain the results you achieved with the landing page. Make sure you use numbers to show the tangible results your work produced.

Digital Portfolio

Curate your best content and tell your story to win clients.

A portfolio also helps you demonstrate your technical skills. Nowadays, clients promoting their products or services online use different platforms such as WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, etc, and more often than not, they require marketers who are conversant with such platforms. A good digital portfolio can help create the impression that you are tech-savvy, and this can be a plus when prospecting for clients.

Digital Portfolio

Create A Good Impression

When prospecting for clients or employers, you would want to create a good first impression. This can make you stand out from the competition and grab the attention of the employer. You can send your website link together with your resume to an employer when applying for a job. More often than not, employers will visit your portfolio website to review your work. If your portfolio showcases great samples or previous work, adequate experience, and good testimonials from past employers, you are more likely to be considered for the job as opposed to other marketers with no digital portfolios.

Digital Portfolio

More Convenient For You And Prospective Employers

A well designed digital portfolio can be convenient for prospective employers. Instead of going through individual links to your samples on different websites or Google drive, a prospective employer can easily look at your digital portfolio and save time since your work is hosted in a collection. For example, if an employer wants to look at some of your ad copy samples, a well-structured portfolio will make this easy to find.

Digital Portfolio

Make it easy for employers to look at your digital portfolios.

Also, as a marketer, a lot of time can be spent hunting for clients, however, with a digital portfolio, some of the work is offloaded giving you more time to grow your career.

Market Yourself

To be successful as a marketer, you need to sell yourself so that clients can find you. To achieve this, you need to strengthen your online presence and visibility by creating a good portfolio website and posting your best marketing content on the site. Then optimize the site for SEO to improve ranking on the Google search engine. If an employer looks up your name, he or she can easily find your digital portfolio. Also, if your site is well optimized with the right keywords, clients looking for marketing writers may be able to find you and this may translate to more gigs or projects.

Digital Portfolio

Make it easy to reach your professional profile.

Digital Portfolio

Include your work and portfolio on all available online profiles.

Digital Portfolio

Include a variety of work (i.e., Images, videos, articles).

Increase Your Rates

Like most freelancers, sometimes marketers may struggle with increasing rates or setting rates. As a marketer, you may wonder: Are my rates too high? Is it the right time to increase my rates? Am I charging enough for my work? When it comes to setting your rates as a marketer, you need to know your worth and be confident enough to charge the right amount for your time. Sometimes clients or employers may lowball you, but those who see value in your work will accept your rates even if they may seem a bit high.

To show clients the value you bring to the table, you need a good digital portfolio to put your experience forward. Use the portfolio to showcase the great results you achieved with your past work and the relevant experience you have. This will help potential clients to see that you are a seasoned marketer who can deliver quality work. You can also post your rates for different types of content in your portfolio so that only prospective clients who are content with your rates can contact you. If you rates are higher due to experience, this can help avoid wasting your time pitching clients who don’t have the right budget to hire you.

Opportunity To Gain Experience

A portfolio is just a way to present a collection of your work in an organized manner. This means you can include any content, regardless of whether the content was written for a previous client or as a sample. As a marketer, you would want to post different types of samples in your portfolio, be it ad copies, landing pages, marketing emails, whitepapers, etc. So when the work slows down, it is a good idea to dedicate some of your time to create samples for the portfolio. If you have never written an ad copy, for example, researching and writing an ad copy sample will help you gain experience and show clients that you can create a great ad copy.

Offers Flexibility

A digital portfolio is easy to maintain as opposed to printing your pieces and storing them in cabinets. As you continue working, the number of written pieces and clients willing to give a good review keeps growing. A digital portfolio allows you to upload these pieces and reviews on your website without much hassle.

Demonstrate Your Creativity

You have a chance to demonstrate your creativity when designing your portfolio website. Many platforms give you the tools to bring your creations to life. For example, you can use WordPress themes to customize your website's layout or use Editorx to control all elements on your page. If you come up with a beautiful and clean website layout, you're going to impress potential clients even more and bag more work.

A portfolio is a good way to tell your story to clients and convince them you're the person they are looking for. However, to achieve this, your portfolio needs to be functional and designed with aesthetics in mind.

Here are some of the platforms that have amazing tools for portfolio creation:


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