Google is upending the entire recruitment industry

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First released in 2017, Google’s search feature for jobs is upending the entire recruitment industry. The world’s most used search engine now collects and sorts job postings from all over the internet and displays the top three results within the main Google search page – right at the top above any website search results! Job seekers can also search within the Google For Jobs interface, which has a range of filters and sort functions similar to job boards.

Why does this matter?

A giant 30% of Google searches are job related. And given there are 3.8 million Google searches every minute, this is a lot of people!

In fact, it’s estimated that over 70% of candidates start their search from Google. All of this means that Google for Jobs will soon become the #1 top job destination in the world.

Wow, it must be expensive right?

Well no actually, Google does not charge for this service…

Sounds great, so how do I get my jobs listed?

Well this is where it gets complicated. Publishing jobs onto Google for Jobs requires complex knowledge of HTML and coding, which is difficult for a lot of companies to get to grips with. It can take hours and hours to configure. In fact, over 80% of employer jobs are missing from Google for Jobs.

Here’s a test: Google your company name + ‘jobs’. Now try to search just using the title of one your jobs within Google for Jobs (with no company name). Does your job show in the top 20 results? Some job boards and ATS’s integrate with Google for Jobs – however, these are often just the job descriptions written by companies. Research shows that 93% of jobs are not optimised for Google for Jobs, hence it's likely your job won't be in the top results for that job title search. With Google constantly changing how it ranks jobs, it’s difficult to get this right now and keep jobs optimised in the future.

So what does Google look for when it ranks jobs?

Vanna, as the first HR tech company to integrate Google for Jobs in Asia, has processed over 500,000 jobs and crunched a lot of numbers. There are over 30 key fields on a job posting that impact search ranking, some of which are visible, and some hidden with HTML code. These include:

  • On page: category, company logo, salary information

  • Location: accurate location

  • Company reviews: ratings, number of reviews

  • Keywords: localised job-search keywords

  • SEO: meta tags, keyword presence

How can I ensure I hit all of these fields?

Well, we’re here to help. Vanna’s Jobs Optimiser uses our powerful AI machine learning platform to automate your Google for Jobs publishing process and optimise the performance of your jobs in real time. This dramatically increases your application rates, quality and relevance in the #1 place that candidates are searching about you. There’s no integration required and, best of all, plans start from US$1 per job, per month!

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