How to stop worrying about work when you're out of the office


Let’s face it. There are moments in your life when you can’t help but think about your job, even when it’s off-hours. While it’s a good sign to show dedication, this can easily lead to burn-out, and you don’t want to get burned out after a year or two at a job. It’s not good for your mental or physical health.

So let’s talk about ways to stop worrying about work at night or on weekends!

1.Find A Creative Outlet

People are inherently bad at multitasking. Some people might find workarounds that proves beneficial for them, but in general, the human population cannot multitask effectively. That means that you can only focus on one task at a time. If that’s the case, what if you end up thinking about work after work-hours?

Focus on something else.

Why not try your hand at a creative craft? Maybe it’s drawing, or writing a fictional story. Maybe it’s sewing or reading. Some people even delve into wood carving. Whatever you choose, try to choose something that is fun and creative. Your mind will end up focusing on the new task instead of your work objectives. While these activities usually require complete focus, they are great at giving your mind a break for the strenuous task of working.

2. Record a To-Do List For Tomorrow

Something that I’ve personally done to stop worrying about work once I’m home is to complete a to-do list every day before I leave the office. I’ll spend about 5 minutes taking down all of the things I’d like to accomplish tomorrow based on importance.

Doing this allows me to offload all of my thoughts about work into this checklist. It also gives me the opportunity to reflect about what I’ve accomplished that day and if there’s any follow-up tasks that I need to make. So what are some of the benefits of this?

When you have all of your tasks laid out for you on a notebook or app, it gives your mind a break from worrying about work afterwards. You don’t have to worry about some random task that creeps up on you because you would’ve already spent time during work thinking about the potential problems you need to address.

3. Don’t Work, Read, or Watch Anything In Bed

One of the worst things you could do is do something mentally stimulating in bed. This includes anything from reading, watching TV, or even playing video games. The idea behind this is that when you do all of those things in bed, your body ends up associating the bed with these processes. When your body does that, you’ll end up having a hard time falling asleep when you get in bed.

Instead, make sure you have a space dedicated to these things. Living rooms are the most common space for activities like reading and watching TV, or if you have a personal study, you can use that as well. Whatever it is, you want to engage in these activities in other rooms so that when you do go to bed, you can fall asleep much faster and more comfortably. It’ll also make it easier for you to forget about work when sleep comes effortlessly.

Working and being focused is great, but there’s a time and place for everything. Your home should be the one place where you relax and wind down (unless you freelance at home or you’re a remote worker). Don’t fall into the rabbit hole of overthinking your job. The more well-rested and sharp you are, the better you’ll perform at your job duties. Take these tips to heart and you’ll be feeling better about everything after work hours!

Chris Chu

Freelance writer, passionate about professional and personal development.

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