Tackling Diversity: Best Approaches From Around The Web


Diverse offices function more effectively, companies in the top quartile for gender or racial and ethnic diversity are more likely to have financial returns about their national industry medians, and diversity boosts innovation. And, yet, most companies—irrespective of size—struggle to have a truly diverse workplace.

Here we share some articles of approaches companies like Slack, Nike, and GitHub took to improve diversity at work, and how it played out.

  1. In its Building a Workplace Culture series, The Wall Street Journal provides a guide on How to Increase Workplace Diversity, including tips on how to make diversity right for your company, depending on the community you operate in, the demographics you serve, and the demographics you want to serve.

  2. Slack has been outperforming other Silicon Valley companies when it comes to minority employees. Jessica Nordell dives into How Slack Got Ahead in Diversity for The Atlantic. This includes not leveraging the traditional pipelines for hiring, artfully crafting their job descriptions to reflect their diverse culture, and working on programmes to eliminate biases in the hiring process.

  3. When GitHub redesigned its headquarters, it took three concrete steps to de-bro the design of its coder space. In this image-rich article for Quartz at Work, Anne Quinto looks at these steps, and why they were effective. Also, look at the pictures—who wouldn’t want to work there?

  4. In one of the most radical approaches to close the gender gap, a small New York-based tech company, Fog Creek, revealed company-wide salary information to its employees. Rebecca Greenfield, writing for Bloomberg takes us behind the scenes as to what happened at Fog Creek, how the call was made to make that data public, and the reactions of some of the employees.

  5. Another piece from Quartz at Work, this one about Nike who was forced to publicly dismantle its toxic "boys club" culture after a Wall Street Journal report gave readers a peek inside the “boys-club culture and flawed HR”. The piece details the corrective actions the company’s chief of human resources has committed to attempting to shake off that reputation.

Tackling diversity is hard, and adopting new practices to build and maintain a diverse workplace can seem like an uphill climb. But, once you get to the top, at least you get a stunning view.

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