Latest Pay Scales for Hong Kong’s 8 Major Industries


“Am I underpaid?” “Should I ask for a pay rise?” “Should I change job to get a pay rise?”

These are probably some of the most common questions people ask themselves, but to answer them properly, we’ll need some solid statistics. The 2018 Pay Trend Survey Report was released by the government in May, providing detailed insights into the pay trends of Hong Kong employees at differing levels of seniority.

The 2018 Pay Trend Survey Report


Apart from general pay trends, it’s essential to understand the salary ranges for your own industry. In The Hong Kong Salary Guide 2018, conducted by Morgan McKinley, each industry was analysed (a summary of which can be found below).

1. Human Resources

Annual Salary Increment:3 to 5%

Job Move Increment:10 to 20%


2. Information Technology (IT)

Job Move Increment:18 to 20%(Application Development)


3. Marketing

Annual Salary Increment:3 to 4% Job Move Increment:10 to 15%

3.1 Marketing marketing

3.2 PR / Communications / Events


4. Office Support

Job Move Increment:5 to 10%


5. Financial Services

General Job Move Increment:15% to 20%

5.1 Front Office(Corporate Banking: Commercial Banking Relationship Management)


5.2 Operations

Job Move Increment:15 to 18%


6. Sales

Annual Salary Increment:3 to 4%

Job Move Increment:10 to 15%


7. Finance and Accounting

Annual Salary Increment:3 to 5%

Job Move Increment:10 to 15%


8. Compliance

Management Job Move Increment:20%(#Statistics up to 2017)



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