PRO-TIPS: The BEST Questions to Ask in an Interview


Ever struck at blank when your interview is wrapping up and the interviewer turns to you pointedly and asks; “Do you have any questions?” It’s imperative that your answer is Yes and that your questions indicate a degree of interest and knowledge in the company.

This proves that you’ve done a bit of homework and that you are excited at the prospect of the role. It’s the perfect opportunity to get to know your interviewer a little better and get some insights into the company.

If you haven’t managed to research the company prior to the interview, nab a few of these generic questions to get the conversation started:

About the role

  1. Where do you think the biggest skill gaps are currently in the business?
  2. How do you see this particular role progressing within the company?
  3. What do you think are the three most important attributes that the candidate going for this role will need to demonstrate?
  4. What does success in this role look like to you?
  5. Is this a new role or a replacement role?
  6. If new, what has changed in the business to warrant the opening?
  7. If it’s a replacement role, why did the previous employee leave?
  8. How many candidates are interviewing for the role?
  9. What are your next steps for filling the role?
  10. How big is the team I’ll be working in?

About the company

  1. Is there any educational or professional staff training on offer at the company?
  2. Is there a personal development programme in place to monitor staff growth within the company?
  3. What would you foresee as the companies biggest challenges in the coming years?
  4. How is the business going to remain competitive in the market over the next five years?
  5. Does the company have a Corporate Social Responsibility initiative? Can you tell me a bit more about that?
  6. Is the company signed up to the local corporate five-a-side football league?

About the interviewer

  1. What do you enjoy most about working here?
  2. How long have you been with the company? And have you experienced much change since joining the company?
  3. Broadly speaking, what would you consider the company culture to be like?
  4. In your opinion, what might be some of the biggest challenges this position will be up against?
  5. What, in your opinion, are some of the reasons staff enjoy working here?

There is a fine line between nosy and interested but choosing a place of employment is a really important decision and you should be asking exactly what you want to know.

Getting an overview of the place is one thing but getting inside information from a current employee is quite another. Their experiences and enjoyment of the workplace could be really insightful. Tread lightly but ask what’s on your mind. You might be the right fit for the company but is the company the right fit for you? Take this chance to find out.

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