Three Mistakes That are Hindering You from Hiring the Best Talent!

Have you interviewed over 20 applicants, but have yet to hire one of them?

Or worse, have you had a job advertisement posted for months, but no one has yet to apply?

According to the Hong Kong Government, the local unemployment rate is at 2.8%. In fact, sectors such as IT are facing a manpower shortage. With demand much larger than supply in the talent market, how can you make sure your company get the best talent? Start with avoiding these three mistakes!

1. You are only introducing the position, but not your company

It is not about listing out the position's responsibilities, but selling your company as an employer.


Otter Product's Office.

Try putting yourself into an applicant's shoes. You are looking for a position in "Business Development". You typed in the keywords and over a dozen openings appeared. What motivates you to apply for this company but not the other? Probably not the nature of the position right? Business Development is more or less the same across different industries and companies. Therefore, what diffrentiates your role is not the role itself but your company and the industry you operate in.

When applicants are looking at similar positions, what encourages them to apply are career prospects and company culture. So focus on selling these in your job advertisement. What is your selling point? Some examples can be workplace culture, opportunities to advance, or unique perks.

A great example:


Deliveroo's employee sharing what it is like to work in deliveroo.

Deliveroo's job postings are a good case in point. Not only did they walk potential candidates through the company's journey, they also explained "Why Deliveroo" to convince talents that they are a great fit.

What applicants learn about Deliveroo through this ad:

1) The business' potential to grow

2) Culture and perks at Deliveroo

3) What positions are hiring there

All of this information helps talent determine whether Deliveroo would be a great fit for their next move.

You can also take a look at Innovix, who introduced video games into their job advertisements to showcase their young and energetic culture!

2. You are not aware of the needs of millennial talent

Many employers complain that young people nowadays have taken a great interest in job-hopping. Indeed, it is not surprising for young people to have worked at over 5 companies within the first few years of their career.

However, is this because of their incapability to commit, or are there other reasons?

When it comes to career decisions, a millennial's concerns go beyond salary. They consider factors like:

  • What kind of person will I develop to be in this position?

  • Apart from money, what else can I earn from this job?

  • What am I learning from this job?

  • Is there meaning or value in my work?


▲ People in idnerd believe taking little breaks in office can boost productivity.

Don't believe us? Don't just take our word for it - take a look at these surveys. HR Consultancy Randstad quoted an international survey, which showed that when considering taking a position, company culture is a deciding factor for over 80% of applicants. On top of that, over 96% of applicants believe that they must agree with the employer's values.

A local media agency also reported that local university students value "work-life balance", "job stability", and "sense of accomplishment" when looking for a job.

Our takeaway from these studies is that you should incorporate culture, perks, and description of the working environment in your job advertisements, as these are important factors which influence millennials in their decision-making.

A great example:


▲ Hong Kong Broadband Network's office.

HKBN attracts young talents by showing that they care about their employees. The company promotes "LIFE-work Priority", as they believe that happy and well-rested people are better employees. Employees are not only offered flexible hours, but also a monthly half-day-off. This shows potential candidates that they will be working for an employer that values them, which would in turn encourage them to work harder for a caring boss!

3. You do not to pick the right channel of communication

If you are looking for a book, you would go to the library. If you want to get a new pair of shoes, chances are you would go to a shoe store.

Likewise, when you are hiring young people, would you still be publishing your job advertisement on printed media? Or will you be posting on job search platforms, competing for their attention alongside hundreds of other companies?

If you want to attract the RIGHT talents, you must use the RIGHT channel!

Share multimedia content on social platforms

It is no news that millennials are active social media users. As a result, many companies have started promoting their employer brand on these interactive platforms. However, many are stuck on WHAT to post.

Don't worry, we've got the answer: multimedia content and true stories are the way to go.

Sharing genuine content

Social media is all about sharing real and genuine moments. Therefore, instead of staging a "happy scene" to shoot and post, invite your team to record their joyful moments at work and share those! Examples include a birthday celebration, team lunch, or even just new snacks in the pantry!

Making use of videos

Videos are a great way to showcase your company culture. Many people are reluctant to produce video contents, as its assumed to be very time-consuming. However, a video doesn't have to be Hollywood-quality to be posted! You can simply invite employees for a talk, ask them to share about life at your company, or what they love most about working there. Employees may talk about the great perks you offer, or the generous support the company has provided for their personal development! In the eyes of a potential candidate, an employee's testimony is much more appealing than a promotional speech by management.

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