Top 3 startups to work for in Hong Kong that are changing the world

Want to work for a company that’s changing the world? Well, you don’t have to look far – here are three home-grown startups that are having a huge impact on some of the major industries that touch our everyday lives – healthcare, food & beverage and e-commerce.

1. Prenetics – healthcare


What they do: Prenetics is a leading genetic testing and digital health company

How they’re changing the world: Prenetics is redefining the healthcare industry by providing individuals with easily accessible and actionable health information. With a simple saliva sample, individuals can discover how their genes affect their diet, drug response, disease and cancer risk.

What they offer employees: The company’s motto is ‘Do Epic Shit’ – building great and big things that change the world requires taking risks. To achieve this, Prenetics retains a startup culture, valuing the ability to be dynamic and move fast.

Cool perks: Health focused perks including yoga and meditation sessions, as well as an office bar for relaxing and socializing after work.

Want to know more? Hear from Prenetic’s team on what life is like at the startup and check out their open job opportunities.

2.foodpanda – food & beverage


What they do: foodpanda is one of the world’s largest online food delivery marketplaces.

How they’re changing the world: Remember a time before foodpanda made food delivery oh so easy? The company has helped revolutionize the food & beverage industry and rightly seen exponential growth in its business across the globe.

What they offer employees: foodpanda is willing to share responsibilities and challenge employees, providing an environment in which people can grow quickly. Management is also keen to listen to employees, running an anonymous monthly survey to understand their needs and having regular one-on-one meetings.

Cool perks: Along with a monthly social budget that includes regular happy hours and beer pong, the foodpanda team bond together at restaurant openings – getting to try Hong Kong’s best new food together.

Want to know more? Hear from foodpanda’s team on what life is like at the startup and check out their open job opportunities.

3.Easyship – e-commerce


What they do: Easyship’s online platform provides streamlined logistics and delivery services for e-commerce sellers and SMEs.

How they’re changing the world: Easyship’s vision is for e-commerce to become truly global. Whilst people can now sell goods online from nearly any location worldwide, a remaining major hurdle is how to ship these goods to customers. Easyship’s award-winning platform provides a one-stop solution covering prices, delivery times, reliability, tax, and customs issues in one place – allowing sellers to expand their sales and go global.

What they offer employees: With a flat structure, Easyship’s people work alongside the co-founders and senior team members, receiving on-the-job training, feedback, and coaching. Easyship also retains a fun and relaxed atmosphere, with the team enjoying close bonds together, making the office a happy and fun place to work.

Cool perks: Equity share for every employee, gym allowance, office video games, regular team building activities.

Want to know more? Hear from Easyship’s team on what life is like at the startup and check out their open job opportunities.

James Lewis

Vanna co-founder and employer branding expert

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