Top 4 Places to Work Abroad for Hong Kongers


According to the latest Salary Trends survey by ECA International, the average salary increase in Hong Kong is forecast to be only 1.9% above inflation in 2019, ranking 15th out of 20 Asian cities surveyed in the region. Those with a high expected salary increase include India (1st), Vietnam (2nd), Thailand (4th), Malaysia (9th).

If you’ve always dreamed about working overseas, would this survey give you extra motivation? If your answer is yes, check out these 4 places for Hong Kongers to work abroad!

1. Taiwan

One of the best things about Taiwan is how close it is to Hong Kong. If you stay in the New Territories and you are caught off guard with poor traffic, you would have joked about how you would’ve reached Taiwan in the time you’re stuck in traffic. Apart from delicious cuisine and friendly locals, Taiwan also has a lower cost of living, as compared to Hong Kong, making it a great destination to work abroad.

>>Job Openings in Taiwan

Hong Kongers can apply a four-in-one Taiwan Employment Gold Card to come and seek job opportunities in Taiwan. (more information)

2. Thailand

Thailand is ranked 4th in the ECA survey, outranking Hong Kong and entering the top 20% among all surveyed cities. The cost of living is much lower than other major cities in the region, which is ideal if you are looking to invest in real estate while you work abroad. The economy is not the only thing that is growing there. With leading food scenes and growing art scenes, Thailand is great for those looking for an exotic place to work.

>>Job Openings in Thailand

You need to get a job before applying for a work permit in Thailand. (more information)

3. Malaysia

Chinese people take up 20% of the Malaysian population, so it is easier for homesick Hong Kongers to seek comfort in Chinese food and culture. As compared to its neighbour Singapore, Malaysia’s cost of living is much more affordable. Besides, many Malaysians are multilingual. Those who received regular schooling are normally fluent in English and Malay. As for the Chinese population, most people speak fluent Mandarin, Cantonese, or other Chinese dialects.

>>Job Openings in Malaysia

With eligible organization in Malaysia, you can apply for an employment pass that subject to the contract of employment. (more information)

4. Singapore

Singapore topped the list in Gallup’s 2018 Global Law and Order report, making the Lion City the safest place to travel. And there’s much more than the city-state has to offer. Singaporeans love food and you can find quality cuisine at an affordable price at their local food centers. Expect to find different Asian cuisines, such as Chinese, Indian, Malay, and more. After a satisfying meal, take a walk at one of the many shopping malls, where you will find international brands and local designer brands.

>>Job Openings in Singapore

To work in Singapore, the relevant work permits are Employment Pass (for management level), S Pass (for college grad with working experience) and Work Permit (no specific requirements). All of them are issued by the Ministry of Manpower in Singapore. (more information)


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