What it’s like to work at Towngas


Founded in 1862, Towngas has grown from a simple gas company into a leader in the energy industry in Hong Kong and Mainland China, diversifying its business into telecommunications, building services, engineering and new eco-energies.

We talked to members of Towngas’s Hong Kong office about the company’s culture, development opportunities and perks, and some all-important advice for job applicants.


Employees at Towngas enjoy a supportive management, who listen to staff and care about their development and well-being. With many experienced supervisors in the business, employees benefit from lots of on-the-job coaching and are encouraged to bring new ideas to projects.

This mix of learning and contributing to projects is important for Towngas’ staff, and particularly junior employees. Xinnie, an engineer who joined Towngas as a graduate trainee, explains that “with so many experienced engineers, I can learn from them….moreover, I bring new inisghts to projects, like creativity.” It’s when the teams work together like this that they create “special outcomes” which makes the work environment very happy according to Xinnie.

Towngas’ supportive environment extends beyond the engineering teams to the back-office functions. Season, who works as a senior customer service supervisor in Towngas’ call centre, describes her management as “very supportive…they care about our opinion”.

Learning and development

With a supportive management and lots of on-the-job learning, Towngas complements this with a wide variety of more formal training, from technical qualifications through to soft skills and language courses. Season, who is currently attending Mandarin classes and has previously participated in project management and supervisory management courses, explains that “in terms of training, I am very thankful to our company”.


Towngas focuses on employee welfare by organising lots of activities for employees. Xinnie explains that the company “has invested a lot” in employee welfare, “for example in the leisure club”. This investment includes activities like running and hiking competitions, cooking classes and working with organisations like Ocean Park to organize inter-departmental competitions.

Alongside these activities, the HR team also ensures employees are looked after and healthy, for example by regularly inviting nutritionists to provide health tips.

Interview tips

With a supportive company culture and strong development opportunities, Towngas is a great place to start or continue a career. Desmond, a manager in the Corporate Risk division, advises applicants to get well prepared before their interviews. “Our company has a lot of new technologies and skills”, Desmond explains, “potential employees can do some research so as to understand us better – like our development focus”. In terms of what Towngas look for in job applicants, for Desmond it’s about personality and attitude: “as long as you love your job, people can feel your enthusiasm and positive energy”.

Do you want to understand more about what it's like to work for Towngas? Well, you can check out their culture, office, interview tips and employee testimonials on Towngas’ Vanna profile,and browse their open job opportunities.

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