What is Recruitment Marketing?

Recruitment Marketing HR Recruitment marketing is a hybrid of marketing and human resources. The ultimate aim is to enhance employer branding to recruit the most suitable candidate through targeted advertising, content marketing, social media promotion, and more marketing tactics. Like traditional marketing, both data analysis and efficiency are crucial to recruitment marketing to monitor the effectiveness of strategies.

Recruitment marketing falls under the umbrella of ‘talent acquisition’ and is all activities up to a candidate applying; with traditional recruiting - selection, interviewing and hiring - now being the second half of talent acquisition. Effective recruitment marketing increases the number of relevant and quality candidates entering the top of the recruitment marketing funnel, which provides better applicants to select, interview and hire.

Talent Acquisition Funnel

Recruitment hacks: cutting-edge HR Tech

In recent years there have been major changes in both technology and candidate behaviour. As talent acquisition has gone digital, candidates are absorbing news from an ever-increasing amount of channels. Social media and search engines have become the two major components of the internet: the way find, engage with and assimilate information is different now than ever before.

Different age groups and interest groups have their way or place to obtain recruitment information, ranging from job boards, Glassdoor, Linkedin, vanna.com and more. The key is to utilize various channels to talk to the targeted audience in the most relevant, meaningful and engaging way, and measure the results and ROI (return on investment) of every activity. With the wide choice that job seekers have, candidate experience and candidate engagement are central to recruitment marketing and should be referred back to in everything that you do.

Today there is high demand for “T-shaped talents” (those talent that have a particular area of expertise along with possessing the ability to collaborate with, and apply the knowledge of, experts across many disciplines). However, hiring these candidates is highly competitive and therefore recruiters have to enhance their edge to attract them to your employer brand.

A guide to recruitment marketing

Recruitment Marketing Funnel 招聘營銷

Stage 1 Awareness

Potential candidates become aware of who you are and what you do. Just like it would be unusual to buy from an unknown company, candidates want to be aware of who they are applying to. Familiar brands, particularly consumer-facing companies, have an advantage. However, it’s key for any company to distinguish their corporate brand (what they sell) from their employer brand (what they offer employees) and focus on developing their employer brand to build awareness. There are simple steps to do this including updating your careers page with relevant information on your team, work culture, activities and office life, whilst avoiding corporate slogans (which fall under the corporate brand); sharing snippets of this on social media, and not only posting your job opportunities on job boards but sharing them with your employees and network to generate more awareness.

Stage 2 Interest

Remember “the right message delivered to the right people, at the right time”. To arouse potential candidates’ interest, you first have to reach the right candidates and social media is a great channel for this including on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. These channels allow you to promote content to different types of candidates via social media targeting - and this promoted content can include job ads, blog posts, employee videos and more. As this approach targets candidates, you can fill your recruitment marketing funnel with more relevant candidates, increasing the number of quality applicants to choose from in the selection phase.

Focusing on using job ads on social media to build interest, the essence is to generate content according to the job nature and channel characteristics, and use a visual format, instead of just text like a traditional jobs board. This can then be promoted to certain types of candidates. Gauging traffic and engagement with these job ads can develop a base of metrics from which to experiment to constantly improve and increase your ROI . Key metrics can include number of people engaging with your ad and what activities they take.

Instagram Story Recruitment Marketing

Stage 3 Desire

When a talent considers applying for a job, they will take a look at companies’ background, culture and working conditions via a Google search as well as careers pages, forums, Glassdoor, vanna.com, and more. Candidates will ask themselves questions such as what is it like working at the company? Will I develop and grow at the company? Will I be happy there? For recruiters, an important activity is to Google your company name plus key terms like ‘jobs’ or ‘culture’. From here, you need to ensure the information candidates find leaves a positive impression yet is also an authentic representation of your company. For this, having a clear careers page with engaging visuals is the best first step. You can also think about blog posts highlighting your employer brand and an active social media page with short, regular highlights of life at your company. .

Stage 4 Apply

A great user journey for job hunting is the key. Nowadays, companies often require the applicant to fill out the online forms to apply for a post. However, some application forms are too long with unnecessary items as applicants’ resumes are already shown. When the application process is complicated, potential candidates may delay or give up applying in the middle. It is crucial to review the application process and try to simplify it from the candidate’s point of view. The more user-friendly the application process, the more applications you will receive.

In a competitive job market, recruiters should play an active role to acquire excellent candidates, rather than the passive role seen in traditional recruiting. Understanding the core elements of recruitment marketing and adopting a marketing mindset is a great first step in this.

Do you want to understand more about opening up recruitment marketing as a far more effective hiring channel? Contact Vanna for a consultation or to find our more information


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