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Founded in 2012, AfterShip’s mission is to automate eCommerce operations and help retailers provide the best customer experience after sales. Since winning the First Startup Weekend Hong Kong and the Global Startup Battle competitions, AfterShip has gone from strength to strength, with a reputation as a great place for developers, designers and product managers to work.

We talked to AfterShip’s team about the company’s culture, development opportunities and perks, and some all-important advice for job applicants.


AfterShip You can check out AfterShip's employee interview in AfterShip’s Vanna profile.

People at AfterShip enjoy a supportive and friendly culture where product designers, product managers and software engineers all work closely together within scrum teams to deliver high-quality deliverables such as product enhancements or new product features in every two-week sprint.

For Tracy, a Product Designer, it’s the supportive environment that motivates her to do her best. “If I want to do more and do better”, Tracy explains, “I’m provided with the resources to do so, the trainings and space and time and human resources as well”.

Along with a supportive environment, Tushar, a Software Engineer, appreciates the friendly culture, which starts with managers. Tushar says that “we always get to decide what task we want to work on and how we want to implement it”. For Tushar, this was a major reason he joined the company – it’s not only engineering focused, but really takes care of its engineers and cares about quality.


AfterShip follows the agile framework and embraces scrum methodologies to provide an encouraging teamwork environment for everyone to collaborate, discover new interests, learn something new and grow stronger together.

For Adam, a Senior Software Engineer who mentors more junior engineers, it’s openness that is key to everyone’s development, explaining that “the company is open to change whenever an engineer has found there’s a better solution or better tools to fix our product”. Recent examples include migrating AfterShip’s core database from MongoDB to Google Spanner.

Tushar, also in AfterShip’s engineering team, values the opportunities this brings, describing AfterShip as “feeling more like a university, where I get to learn and grow as a person – grow in terms of becoming a better engineer”.


AfterShip office has a large, open-plan workplace with lots of natural light


AfterShip empowers their people to choose when, where and how they work best to deliver better results, offering flexible working hours and unlimited work-from-home. This focus on outcomes gets the best out of staff, says Tracy, who can “choose when and where and how I work the best”. However, AfterShip’s office is also a great place to be, with a large open plan workplace, unlimited food and drinks in the pantry and a games room.

Interview tips

Competition for jobs at AfterShip is high but Andrew, one of the startup’s co-founders, has some top interview tips for applicants. With an international client base and a global business, Andrew encourages applicants “to have an international mindset” and learn from the design and engineering trends around the world, including both in the US and China. In terms of attitude, Andrew encourages applicants to demonstrate that they are open to failure whilst showing that they can “keep finding the answer and resolve problems every single day”.

Do you want to understand more about what it's like to work for AfterShip and apply for their jobs? Well, you can check out their culture, office, interview tips and employee testimonials on AfterShip’s Vanna profile, right alongside their open job opportunities.

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