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idNerd Studio provides full-service creative solutions, with an established animations and software presence in the casino and gaming market. IdNerd’s team are passionate in creating great entertainment solutions that will disrupt the traditional casino gaming market. Whilst other studios follow trends, idNerd strives to go above and beyond client expectations to deliver exceptional, innovative content.

We talked to idNerd’s team about the studio’s culture, work / play balance and company perks, as well as some all-important advice for job applicants. You can watch the videos and browse their open job opportunities here or read on below.



Name cards of idNerd’s staffs.

idNerd has a culture where communication and creativity are welcomed. Team members are encouraged to give creative contributions to any company project.

Jacky, idNerd’s Creative Director, explains that the company strives on creativity and describes the environment as one in which everyone communicates a lot. For Jacky, the best part is “that you chat ideas with each other even without knowing that that’s the new idea and all of a sudden you find new things”.

Henry, Lead Programmer, explains that it doesn’t matter what project people are on, “if someone has an idea they’re free to speak up or contribute anyway they would like: there’s no real division in terms of what you are allowed to say or how you want to add to the project”.

This creative feedback is encouraged for everyone in the business, even for ideas that come from management. Vicky, CG Supervisor & Senior Modeler, says that the team are “free to voice out anything” and “love feedback all the time”. It’s this culture that’s allowed Vicky to continuously improve: “it feels like we learn all the time and I’m definitely a better artist than I was before”.

Along with a creative culture, idNerd has a diverse, international team who are encouraged to let their own interests and talents propel the company's success. The Nerds at idNerd share a love of animations, movies, games and tech. As Jacky explains, “if you enjoy movies, games, animation, tech, you know you can definitely get along with anyone here because we’re geeks, we’re totally geeks”.

Work / play balance

idNerd prides itself on one of the coolest office environments in Hong Kong, with regular football and video/arcade game breaks and tournaments. idNerd's philosophy is that a healthy work/play balance fosters creativity.

Henry really appreciates this environment, “We know that you can’t work 10 hours a row and not burn out so we designed the office to be very open and you can very easily relax with games. You’re free to stop and maybe play a game of Mario Tennis just to chill out while you think…it’s been really nice”.

The team have deadlines but Jacky explains that “we’re very flexible on how you hit a deadline”. For Jacky, having the team relax and play together empowers staff and fosters creativity and communication.


idNerd’s office is designed with the work/play balance in mind, offering entertainment like football and videogames for the team to kick back and relax.


Alongside medical benefits and one of the coolest office environments in Hong Kong, including foosball, video/arcade games and an open bar, idNerd’s team also enjoys lots of team perks. Team dinners and movie days are a regular occurrence, with the company often booking entire private suites for the whole team to enjoy.

For Vicky, one of the biggest perks is how management looks after the team. Vicky identifies a great example of this, in the Christmas present the company gifts staff each year: “what’s really sweet is that they would always try to pick up something that we actually want. They would find out what we like and actually buy that so I feel that the company really cares about the staff”.

Interview tips

Providing advice for applicants, idNerd’s Creative Director Jacky, highlights some key traits the company looks for: “you need to be creative and you have to be able to think outside the box… quick learners are also a plus and not to be afraid to ask questions. I think the plus to working here is be able to challenge peers, and challenge me”.

Do you want to understand more about what it's like to work for idNerd? Well, you can check out their culture, office, interview tips and employee testimonials on idNerd’s Vanna profile , right alongside their open job opportunities.

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