What it’s like to work at a top Fintech startup, Datum


Founded in 2017, Datum is a blockchain startup that raised US$7.2m in their ICO. Datum’s technology allows anyone to securely and anonymously backup structured data from social networks, wearables, smart homes, and other IoT devices.

We talked to members of Datum’s team about the company’s mission, work culture and perks, as well as some all-important advice for job applicants. You can watch the videos and browse their open job opportunities here or read on below.

Mission - take back your data

Datum’s bold mission is to help individuals take back responsibility and ownership of their data, and provide a marketplace where users can share or sell data on their own terms. Everyone at the company shares the same passion for the company’s mission and as Roger Haenni, Datum’s CEO, explains “everyone is really excited to have this opportunity to potentially really do something that makes a big impact in the world.”

Nick Cavet, Datum’s Chief Marketing Officer, echoes these thoughts and is excited by solving such an important problem through leading edge technology. For Nick, “these are things that have never been done before and that's a challenge that really excites me”.


Datum has a diverse, multinational team with a range of different backgrounds that reflects the global, decentralised nature of blockchain. People at Datum enjoy a flexible and supportive work environment that empowers individuals to do their best. Roger explains that, “We have very flexible working hours, so what really matters is the results and not you sitting in your chair.” Datum has no dress code and are a tech company at heart, focusing on developing great software.

Datum’s people also enjoy an open communication policy. According to Prima Ho, an executive assistant, “Whatever you have in mind, you can talk to your boss or manager directly”. Management sit alongside staff in an open office environment and like to share ideas.


Datum has a bright, modern and open new loft office, conveniently located above Lan Kwai Fong.


The team at Datum are provided with lots of great perks, including medical benefits and access to compensation via DAT cryptocurrency tokens, which have a huge potential upside.

Datum also prioritises team building and knowledge sharing with regular activities from Friday happy hours, team lunches and team dinners, through to off sites and overseas company trips. It’s this team bonding that’s important to Nick, who highlights a recent company meet up in Bangkok and all sorts of fun excursions. For Nick, “everyone’s just pretty nice, which is refreshing”.

Interview tips

With blockchain and crypto being such a hot sector, demand for jobs at Datum is high. Datum’s CEO Roger, explains that the company looks “for people that have lots of passion about what they do. So please tell us why are you applying…what is motivating you to join us at Datum. And what's your view on our mission”.

Nick echoes these thoughts and has one top tip for every job seeker:"read the white paper!" Datum’s product is incredibly complex from a technology standpoint but needs to incredibly simple for an end user, so Nick encourages applicants to understand the technical side but also the broader opportunity to make a big impact on peoples’ lives.

Do you want to understand more about what it's like to work for Datum? Well, you can check out their culture, office, interview tips and employee testimonials on Datum’s Vanna profile, right alongside their open job opportunities.

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