What are the Content Strategies for Recruitment Marketing?


According to a Glassdoor survey, 69% of respondents were likely to apply to a job if the employer actively manages its employer brand.

Today, more and more HR teams are leveraging social media like Facebook and Instagram to share their employer brand content. With sharing employer content on social media becoming a norm, what can be done to make your company stand out when promoting your employer brand?

Tailor-make your recruitment marketing strategies

Who are your target audiences?

A common mistake made by HR departments is to overlook the importance of locating the habits of target candidates (education level, interests, location). There is no one size fits all and tailor-making content for different candidate groups will give you more engaged audiences.

In most cases a good consumer brand is favourable when promoting a company's employer brand, but we have to understand a brand's customers may not necessarily be a brand's job applicant.

What are people searching for?


Another common mistake made by HR department is posting existing company information without considering the needs and interests of potential candidates.

Imagine yourself as a job seeker, what would you google when you are researching a company before applying for their jobs and when deciding whether to take their job offer? Many job seekers search “Company A interview questions”, “Company A salary” “What it is like to work at Company A on a day-to-day basis” etc. Job seekers are curious about workplace information like company culture, job functions and office environment of companies and will actively take to the internet to research companies.

Providing workplace-related content would ease potential concerns from candidates and also smoothen the hiring process because most applicants will do their research before attending a job interview. By showing what it’s like to work at a company, it paves the way to attract like-minded candidates who will excel in your organisation.

Why should people join your company?


It is crucial to find out what is important for your company. According to a workplace culture trend survey conducted by Linkedin, 71% of professionals say they would be willing to take a pay cut to work for a company that has a mission they believe in and shared values.

Here are some ideas for showing your company culture:

  • What is it like to work there on a day-to-day basis?
  • What are your values?
  • What are your strengths?

The above questions can be answered in the form of videos, blog posts, web copy, and more. Make it easy for candidates to imagine themselves at your organization, and they’ll be more likely to apply and move through the hiring process.

Where is the best place to share your content?

The best place to share employer content is the place where your candidates spend most of their time on the internet. For now, it can be Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and forums.

However, the organic reach of social media has been dropping significantly in recent years – because everyone is posting content, the space is crowded, which makes it difficult for brands to stand out.

Our suggestion is to use multiple channels.


1) Blog Post + Social Media Ads - Share your employer brand content in your company's blog and promote the blog post on social media. The advantage of advertising on social media is HR can target a specific audience by age, gender, interests and more, so they can get away from the limited reach of organic posts. HR can also attach the job application link on the social media post and at the bottom of the blog post to make it a seamless application process to applicants.

2) Google Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - A blog post has a higher lifetime value than job posts because a blog post will stay longer on the internet. It is more searchable than job posts as well. People who are interested to work at your firm may click the attached job link at the bottom.

How it works and how long it takes?

Different from job advertisements, building an employer brand is an accumulated effort on a day-to-day basis. Although it takes longer, the returns are long-term and stable.

If you are interested in promote your firm's employer brand...

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