BEST COMPANIES SERIES: Inside Deliveroo, and Why They’re a Great Choice For Your Career


So why exactly should you work at Deliveroo?

Finding a job at company that fits is an extremely important investment, especially early on in your career. Most people ponder whether it’s better to work for an established company, or a lesser known startup during this process. Most established companies usually have better name recognition, clear structure and rigid division of labor. Startups on the other hand, are fast-paced and dynamic. With this comes a steep learning curve but plenty of opportunities to influence the company too.

Deliveroo has become a familiar name in Hong Kong as they make a tangible difference to our daily lives by delivering food straight to our front door. In a unicorn startup like Deliveroo, you actually find the resources of a well-established company but with a startup working culture. This combination is exceptionally rare in Hong Kong so it’s a company worth exploring during your job search. We spent some time at Deliveroo to find out what it’s really like to work there – here’s what we found.

A friendly and supportive work culture

The vast majority of employees at Deliveroo are millennials, which comes with a raft of benefits. You’ll be working with like-minded people, which makes office life a lot more fun.

Alison, an account manager at Deliveroo mentioned “working in Deliveroo feels like working with a group of friends, who work and chill out together. To me, they’re more than colleagues”.

The supportive work culture gives everyone the level of security they need to do a good job, as Alison puts it “We’ve always got each other’s back”.

Jane, Operations Manager echoed Alison when asked about the working culture, commenting “What I really like about my teammates is that even if they don’t work in the operations team, but they see I’m busy and have a tight deadline, they’ll offer to help, even at 8pm at night. It’s really about teamwork and liking the people you work with”

You get to work with management

Have you ever worked at large company and felt you were merely a cog in a large wheel? Or even just a number? Have you ever spoken to CEOs, shareholders or executive management? Some people who work at established companies have limited to no interaction with management.

While working in startup, people have the chance to interact directly with the CEO and other senior managers. Which is great for your visibility. More importantly you’re exposed to their decision-making process and how they communicate with peers. This can be invaluable training and exposure.

Alison told us “management won’t interfere too much with how you complete your tasks. But when you come across a hurdle, they’re more than happy to discuss the issue and help you figure it out”.

Learning opportunities

When asked about training at Deliveroo, Operations Manager Jane commented “I was very surprised when I came to Deliveroo as there was so much emphasis on personal development”. All staff can use a company account to access Coursera which provides training on a wide variety of topics from the world’s leading educational institutes. Deliveroo also provide other training sessions, such as MBTI and 360 sessions that are led by the management team, allowing employees to really familiarize themselves with each part of the business.

Jane highlights, "if you have any ideas or something there’s something you’re interested in pursuing at Deliveroo, you should definitely bring it to the management."

It’s no secret that working in a startup is demanding, with less structure available and ever-changing priorities. However, the experience can be extremely rewarding, not only for your personal development but also for your long-term career.

Want to know more about working life at Deliveroo? Check out their culture, offices, and employee testimonials here.

Want to work at Deliveroo? Check out their open vacancies here.

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