Lenovo is a US$50 billion Fortune Global 500 company, with 57,000 employees and serving customers in 180 markets around the world.
HK-Product Marketing Manager H.J.K.T
Hong Kong


Major Actions

(What do you do and how you do it?)

% of Total Job

Expected End Result

(Why you do it?)

Ways to Measure Accomplishments

(How you can tell you have done it?)


Manage small and micro UPS business strategy, pricing, stocking, etc for HKJT


Achieve revenue and GP$ targets in assigned market units

Achieve monthly and yearly sales/orders targets and GP targets.


Work with ITEI business unit to develop packages and solutions


Strategies for penetrating Verticals will be jointly developed and delivered by Vertical Leaders and Account Managers

New Partners Acquisitions

New End-user Acquisitions


Develop and execute HKJT common and country-specific strategies. Provide product marketing support to assigned Market Units


Deliver consistent message to Market Unit Sales/Marketing. Develop common and country-specific competitive solutions

Win-Loss Ratio


Engage-Enable-Develop partners to convert opportunities to gain market shares.


Actively engage in opportunity development, enable partners to improve opportunities conversion and develop new partners

Provide accurate opportunity forecast to business operation team and Market Unit team





HK-TW-KR Market Unit Sales and Pre-Sales

RPDU Business Operations

ITEI Business Operations

APAC Offering Teams

APAC Customer Support Team

China Product Marketing team


New customers and prospects

Japan Distributors

Strategic Partners - HPE, Dell, Lenovo


Strategy alignment and business plan execution

Solution Awareness, Engagement and Deal development


1. Strong experience introducing new emerging technology solutions into new and developing markets.

2. Consultancy experience at Senior and executive level with SI and clients.

3. Experience across all IT Disciplines

4. Experience in developing trusted relationships with SI, consultants, contractors and end users

4. A minimum of 5 years Sales experience preferably in the IT Industry



Description of skilled behaviour

Business Acumen

Knowledgeable about how organisations work. Understanding of the market, industry, and legislative obligations under which we operate. Knows essential business and financial policies, procedures and practices and their impact on the operations of the organisation.

Customer Focus

Develops positive customer relationships by knowing the customer's critical success factors and being dedicated to discovering, understanding and fulfilling customer needs and expectations, be they internal or external. Appreciation that a service delivery mindset is a critical determinant of business success.

Problem Solving

Adopts a systematic approach to resolving operational issues that fosters efficiency, effectiveness and organisational learning. Applies rigorous logic and methods to analyse information and assess the consequences of alternative courses of action.

Strategic Agility

The ability to see ahead clearly, anticipating future consequences and trends accurately and their impact on the business. Communicates a compelling and inspired vision or sense of core purpose, focusing energy on the creation and execution of competitive and breakthrough strategies and plans that will ensure the achievement of agreed results.

Action Oriented and Perseverance

Enjoys working hard; is full of energy and drive to get his/her work completed. Not fearful of acting with a minimum of planning, seizing more opportunities than others, seldom gives up before finishing especially in the face of resistance or setbacks.

Interpersonal Effectiveness

An awareness of the impact of one's behaviour on others in the work place. Practices interpersonal skills that facilitate effective work processes and outcomes and maximise individual and organisational learning.

Openness to Change

Appreciation of the need for individuals and organisations to adapt to and anticipate changing circumstances. At the personal level, the orientation to continue learning throughout one's career; at the organisational level, the need to innovate and re-organise to compete effectively.

Learning on the Fly

Learns quickly when facing new problems. Anticipates and adapts quickly to changing circumstances. Knows personal strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and limits and is a relentless and versatile learner committed to continual self development.

Managerial Courage

Comfortable letting people know where they stand. Steps up to conflicts, seeing them as opportunities to resolve differences of opinions. Is comfortable providing current, direct, complete and actionable positive and corrective feedback to any person no matter who they are in the organisation.

Drive for Results

A clear focus on outcomes and measurable results rather than just activity or process. Organises and manages work with end results in mind. Shows tenacity in resolving problems and achieving business objectives.

Making Effective Decisions

Applies a systematic approach to gathering and analysing information to make effective decisions. Assesses the consequences of solution alternatives to make accurate decisions. Makes decisions as quickly as the situation demands, supporting them after they are made and being accountable for the outcome.

Managing & Measuring Work

Sets clear performance objectives and measures of success. Employs effective work management processes and procedures to achieve performance objectives. Monitors and measures process, progress and results to ensure business objectives are achieved. Knows how to execute Emerson's management processes in the business.

Planning & Organising

Plans & coordinates work/project tasks and uses planning processes, techniques and practices to set priorities, track progress and achieve desired goals. Includes the ability to lay out tasks and work, set objectives and measures, prioritise individual /team tasks and manage the allocation of resources based on situational and organisational requirements .

Building Effective Teams

Participates fully as a team member in the pursuit of common team objectives, rather than working in isolation or competitively. Blends people into teams and creates strong morale and spirit in the team. Creates a feeling of belonging in the team by sharing wins and successes, fostering open dialogue and supporting other team members.

Communicate Effectively

The ability to communicate effectively with all types of people using a range of both written and oral techniques. Is an active listener. Provides the information people need to know to do their jobs. Promotes the free flow of information throughout the organisation, encouraging open expression of ideas and opinions.

Ethics, Integrity and Trust

Adheres to our core ethics, values and beliefs during both good times and bad. Keeps confidences, admits mistakes and doesn't misrepresent himself/herself for personal gain. Is widely trusted, being seen as a direct and truthful individual.

Motivating Others

Creates a climate in which people want to and can do their best. Can motivate different groups of people in the organisation. Makes others feel their contribution and work is important. Is someone people like working with and for.

Work Life Balance

Maintains a conscious balance between work and personal life so that one does not dominate the other. Is not one dimensional and knows how to attend to and gets the best from both.

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