Global Head of Recruitment Operations

United Kingdom
295 days ago
We are looking for a Global Head of Recruitment Operations to lead recruitment operations globally for Deliveroo (across 12 countries). The role will lead lead the global Recruitment Operations team, reporting to the Global Director of Recruitment.

You'll be responsible for the operational backbone of recruitment globally, owning the programmes, systems, and data platforms that help us scale great hiring: attracting the best people and delivering an outstanding experience.

As a strategic partner in the company, you'll help tell the recruitment story through data, and enable others to unblock bottlenecks and identify new opportunities. You'll build and lead the team that ensures consistency of delivery and consistency of experience, and will spearhead the efforts to help everyone at Deliveroo contribute to recruitment. You'll innovate and iterate on candidate journeys, evaluation techniques and processes that add up to hiring the 'Deliveroo way'.

Not many roles have as much potential for impact on Deliveroo's growth and success as recruitment. As one of the world's fastest growing companies on the road to an IPO , we have a unique opportunity to create and tell one of the most compelling recruitment and talent stories yet, with Deliveroo's Head of Recruitment Operations playing a key role in it.
Some of the things you'll be doing
  • Build and lead the recruitment operations team globally, including recruitment coordinators, analysts and programme managers.
  • Source, deploy and manage all systems and tools relating to recruitment that help the team recruit more effectively and support the team's efficiency.
  • Develop a culture of data and analytical rigor, and build the foundations to enable data-informed recruitment and actionable insights. Help tell our recruitment and hire quality story to the business through data.
  • Partner with recruitment managers to build, measure and iterate on all recruiting processes globally, preparing us for scale. Own and develop processes for seamless change management.
  • Own the candidate journey and overall hiring experience.
  • Own enablement, learning and development for the recruitment team, including training, onboarding and knowledge management.
  • Own enablement for the wider business, establishing and developing the best practices, resources and processes that enable high quality hiring and maintains Deliveroo's exceptionally high talent bar.
  • Partner with our Head of Diversity & Inclusion and own and develop a recruitment strategy that supports our diversity goals and promotes our core value, We celebrate difference .
  • Develop and iterate a global, standardised and evidence-based evaluation and selection framework for making good, balanced hiring decisions.
  • Develop a talent pool framework that helps the business map out its workforce requirements and work backwards to an efficient, effective recruitment strategy.
  • Prioritise and drive experiments and innovative programmes that impact our goals across all areas of recruitment, including areas such as diversity, our talent brand and awareness.
  • Work cross-functionally with opportunities to take ownership over aspects of the employee lifecycle, such as onboarding and alumni engagement, employer brand and talent attraction.
  • Extensive experience in a recruitment operations or people operations leadership role in tech-led companies that have undergone significant headcount growth in a short space of time.
  • Experience managing programs and operations in a company at scale.
  • Strong player/coach manager, with at least 3 years of experience in people management.
  • Command of data with strong analytical and modelling skills. Exceptional ability to join quantitative and qualitative approaches to frame and synthesise complex business problems into clear, concise and easy-to-understand goals.
  • Ability to design and communicate clear processes, and a detail-oriented yet flexible approach to problem solving.
  • Strong written and oral communication skills, with an eye for detail and a passion for presenting data and information in clear, compelling ways.
  • Aptitude for leveraging and learning new technologies with experience with various modern recruitment technologies.

You will be a great fit if you are:
  • A deeply curious and avid learner, constantly looking for ways to improve and creatively solve problems - both the big strategic things, as well as the smaller quick wins.
  • Interested in scaling teams, people analytics and excited to help build something amazing and share it with the world.
  • A highly strategic operator, an excellent people manager and someone who has a demonstrably successful leadership track record and trajectory in fast-paced companies.
  • Driven by seeing the achievements and progression of others you support and partner with.
  • Can context-switch between a high level strategic mindset and detailed execution orientation seamlessly.
  • Excited to help build something amazing and share it with the world.
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