OD Grocery Associate

295 days ago
  • Why Deliveroo?

    Why Deliveroo? When you first think about Deliveroo, you probably think of getting great food to your house in less than half an hour. Awesome right? But behind the scenes is the real story. This story is one of high growth, huge challenges and an enormous opportunity ahead of us.

    We want to be the definitive food company - the app you go to any time you have a hunger pang. We are transforming the way people think about food. We're a technology driven company at the forefront of the most rapidly expanding industry in the world, so come and join us for the ride.

    And we're just getting started...

    The scale of the opportunity ahead of us is immense, especially after a tumultuous 2020 which has seen food and grocery delivery become a way of life. The global food market is valued at £7.7 trillion but only 1% of it is currently online. Contrast that with the digital disruption of countless other industries - from banking and travel to retail and communications - it's clear that our journey in the food sector has only just begun.

    Roles and Responsibilities

    This role will report into the Country Grocery Lead.
    • Drive Operational improvements: You'll be responsible for the operational performance of the full estate of our Grocery and Convenience sites
    • Analyse Data: You'll be required to analyse data from hundreds of accounts and make decisions as to which accounts you should be focusing on to drive results
    • Own Improvement Projects: You'll need to own projects to improve operations for our top accounts. Dive deep into the data, understand the root cause of issues, and build best practice for all of the partners under our management to follow
    • Build Best Practice: Build best practice documents for specific accounts & for the whole portfolio
    • Provide Operational Assistance: Provide operational assistance for ad hoc tasks for the team, including onboarding, menu updates, & other key tasks

    • Background - minimum 1-2 years experience in an operations or commercial role
    • Analytical - able to cut through the noise, get deep into data and understand the data points that drive performance improvements for our on-demand convenience store partners
    • Customer Focused - be obsessed with our customers and partners. Use quantitative and qualitative data to build a service that is operationally excellent for our customers.
    • Adaptable Fixer - enthusiastic, flexible & adaptable with the ability to remove barriers and bottlenecks via facilitation, creativity and resourcefulness. Know when you have enough insight to make-a-call and apply the 80 / 20 rule.
    • Cross-Functional Team Player - a collaborative team player who is able to get the best out of the people around you. Able to work effectively at all levels of Deliveroo and deliver success with and through others.
    • Upbeat, Confident & High Energy - you bring freshness, energy and passion into the team. Help create a working environment that is unique, spawns new ideas and is enjoyable for the other people involved

    At Deliveroo we know that people are the heart of the business and we prioritise their welfare. We offer a wide range of competitive benefits in areas including health, family, finance, community, convenience, growth, time away and relocation.

    We believe a great workplace is one that represents the world we live in and how beautifully diverse it can be. That means we have no judgement when it comes to any one of the things that make you who you are - your gender, race, sexuality, religion or a secret aversion to coriander. All you need is a passion for (most) food and a desire to be part of one of the fastest growing start-up's around.

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