Assistant Strategic Project Manager

The Hong Kong Jockey Club
Hong Kong
155 days ago
About the job
Job descriptions

The Customer Management (new segment) team formulate and execute business strategies to increase participation, build customer loyalty and shape good wagering experience for the new young customers (aged below 45) with an ultimate aim of increasing customer satisfaction and turnover.


You will:

- provide project management support to Strategic Projects Manager to manage project plan and execution.

- liaise and coordinate with external consultant and research agency for project delivery.

- conduct in-house research on the new generation in Hong Kong, create insights and understanding in terms of their entertainment preference and social media habit.

- analyse relevant market trends and formulate actionable strategies / initiatives targeting this segment.

- analyse data base on survey findings and desktop research.

- conduct feasibility studies on marketing initiatives and emerging projects.

- assist in the preparation of research reports and strategic papers for senior management.

- ensures compliance with Responsible Gambling Policy (RGP) and all stipulated legal requirements pertaining to wagering, thereby protecting the integrity of the Club's business.


You should have:

- a Bachelor degree in Business or related disciplines.

- a minimum of 5 years' experience, with at least 2 years in consulting / professional services firms.

- experience in project management, particularly on researching or analysing new concept / marketing initiatives.

- working experience in new generation / female related projects a plus.

- good understanding of consumer behaviour of young customer segment.

- good relationship management skills and ability to network with relevant corporations / business associations / business partners.

- strong numerical senses and analytic skills.

- attention to details, able to draw insights from complicated raw data.

- excellent time management skills and able to multi-task.


The level of appointment will be commensurate with qualification and experience. A contract employment will be offered to the successful candidate. Contract renewal will be subject to mutual agreement between the Club and the individual.


Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.
Skills required
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