Due Diligence & Research Analyst (1 year temporary)

The Hong Kong Jockey Club
Hong Kong
115 days ago
About the job
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The Security & Integrity Department is at the center of our core values in ensuring Integrity is preserved. Our work in Security, Integrity, Anti-Money Laundering, and Anti-Illegal Betting contributes to the Club's management of financial crime and corruption risks. We strive to maintain a secure environment to ensure the smooth operation of the Club's business, and uphold honesty and fairness to help to protect horse racing in Hong Kong.


You will:

- Under a Senior Analyst's supervision, preparing due diligence reports in relation to the Club's customers, prospective employees and Licensed Persons by conducting open-source research with a focus on the analysis of entities or events.

- Evaluates the information and information sources for accuracy, reliability and relevance in assessing risk.

- Identifies and classifies the risks associated the entities.

- Understands and adheres to the relevant rules and regulations in conducting due diligence.

- Ensures compliance with Responsible Gambling Policy and all stipulated legal requirements, and thereby protecting the integrity of the Club's businesses.


You should have:

- Proven record of writing due diligence reports under tight time constraints.

- Demonstrated research and analysis experience including the use of commercial and open-source databases and non-digitised sources.

- Track record of writing high-quality investigative/due diligence reports for the management or external clients.

- Strong oral and written communication skills in English and Chinese are essential.

- English and Chinese typing is essential.

- Strong Microsoft Office skills including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Sharepoint.

- Knowledge of i2 iBase and Analyst's Notebook is an advantage.

- Has integrity, is trustworthy, dependable, responsible.

- Has drive, proactive, highly motivated and deadline oriented.

- Strong investigative/analytical, communication, organisation and time management skills and an ability to work under pressure.

- Clear problem solving and critical thinking skills.

- A solid focus on meeting goals and dedication in providing excellent service.

- Strong professionalism and adherence to the standard operating procedures and standards set by the management.


The level of appointment will be commensurate with qualifications and experience.


Only identified candidates will be notified.
Skills required
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